Dubai Frame set to open in November


The Dubai Frame is set to open, after four years in development.

The project was launched by Dubai Municipality in 2013, and is a unique tourist attraction, literally framing the sight of New Dubai and Old Dubai at either side of it.

Also known as Berwaz Dubai, the frame is comprised of two towers measuring 150 metres in height, and connected by a 93-metre-long bridge at the top. Property giant Emaar has already signed an exclusive agreement to market and promote the Dubai Frame, which it will do as one of its major tourism attractions, along with At The Top at the Burj Khalifa.

The frame is intended to give a perfectly clear view of the various districts in Old Dubai from one side, including Deira, Karama and Al Qusais, representing the city’s history. Meanwhile, the view to the south encompasses Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, DIFC and of course the Burj Khalifa, representing everything about the city’s present and progressive future.

It has also been confirmed that the gold-coloured landmark will open with no paper tickets, using a mobile ticketing system with bookings made online or on the mobile app.

“Who doesn’t have smartphones now?” said Hussain Nasser Lootah, director general of Dubai Municipality, according to Gulf News.

We can’t wait to check out the Dubai Frame once it arrives.

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