Dubai: Found the perfect house and want to move in within a couple of days? This is how you achieve that


Want to move in to a new house quickly? These are the basic services you need to apply for.
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Dubai: If you are looking to quickly move in to an apartment or villa in Dubai, you may be wondering what the basic essential utility connections are, that are needed to make the unit habitable. If you are pressed for time, you can get the most important processes and utility connections in place within 24 hours. Here’s how.

Rental contract and Ejari

Once you have selected an apartment or villa in Dubai, you will need to get your tenancy contract registered online – referred to as the Ejari – from the land department in Dubai.

What is Ejari?

Registration through Ejari is a simple process requiring little technical knowledge and that only the basic details of agreements are entered. These include information such as details of the property, the name of the real estate company, and terms of the agreement. Once the agreement is entered into the system and registered it is allocated a unique barcode which acts as its reference throughout the life of the contract.

This will normally be applied for by your landlord or property management company and provided to you after you have handed over the first cheque or initial payment to the landlord, based on the terms of your tenancy agreement.

The process is fairly quick, and the Ejari is issued within one to two days.

Once you get your Ejari contract, you will need to note the Ejari number as well as the Dewa premise number, which will be mentioned on your contract. These are required for the next important step – which is to apply for your electricity and water connection.

Apply for your Dewa connection

Since 2016, Ejari has been linked to all Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) services and as soon as you get your Ejari contract, you will receive a link to register for a Dewa connection. You can complete the set up online, either through the Dewa website or the Dewa smartphone app, without the need to visit any customer happiness centre.

How to apply for a new connection

1. Visit the website – – or download the Dewa smartphone app ‘Dewa’, which is available for Apple and Android devices.

2. Click on ‘New in Dubai’ and apply for a new connection. You will be asked for your Ejari number and your Dewa premise number, which is mentioned on your Ejari contract.

Once you have made the payment, the service will be activated within 15 hours, according to Dewa.

What are the set up charges?

Dh100 for connecting electricity and water (small meters).

Dh300 for connecting Electricity and water meters (large meters).

*VAT will be charged as applicable

Dh2,000 for an apartment (Residential Premises).

Dh4,000 for a Villa (Residential Premises).

When do I get my security deposit back?

When you apply for a cancellation of the connection, you will receive the security deposit back through the following approved Dewa channels.
If you make the cancellation request online, you can receive the deposit refund either through your bank account or through a Western Union branch, if you want to receive the refund in cash.If you apply for the disconnection at any of the customer happiness centres, you can come back to the happiness centre once the cancellation has been processed to get the refund in cash.

Once your water and electricity connection are set up, you can start moving in to your new apartment.

While you would still need to apply for your telephone and internet connection, as well as chiller service in some communities, you can begin the process of setting up your new home.

A telephone and internet connection can take anywhere between a couple of days to a week, depending on your service provider. However, if you are in an urgent need to access the internet, you can apply for a data package on your mobile temporarily.

To read a detailed guide on getting your telephone and internet connection, click here.

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