Dubai’s Marina 101: Some property buyers in stalled skyscraper project will lose all their millions

Just about another 3% would do it – but reaching the completion mark is still proving difficult for Marina 101, the mixed-use skyscraper that was launched in 2005. Image Credit: Gulf News Dubai: Even as Dubai works out solutions for extensively delayed/shelved projects launched by private developers in the past, one group of property investors[…]

UAE ranks fourth globally for highest monthly spend on rent

UAE residents ranked fourth globally for spending the highest percentage of their monthly expenditure on rent, according to a new survey. People in the Emirates spend 39.85 per cent of their monthly outgoings on rent, according to the study by UK price comparison website money.co.uk. A three-bedroom property in the UAE costs $1,921 (Dh7,054) on[…]

The Global Battle for New Heights

Email Sign Up For Our Free Weekly Newsletter Welcome to Some of World’s Tallest Towers 2020 wasn’t the best year for high-rise living, but here we are one year later in 2021 on the road back to “normal”, ready to jump into an elevator and soar to new heights. Living on top of the world[…]