Rental Prices In Dubai Are Falling: Here Are The 5 Cheapest Places To Rent In Dubai


Depending on where you want to live, the figure you shell out for rent annually in Dubai is incredibly varied.

In a Q3 report, property and management specialists Asteco noted you could be paying anything from AED32,500 for a one bed in International City up to AED130,000 for a one bed on the Palm Jumeirah.

That’s insane!

But it’s good news all round, as rental prices have continued to decline in the previous quarters, by 3% and 2% since Q2 2018, and 11% and 9% compared with the same period last year, a downward trend that’s expected to last into 2019.

Here are five of the most affordable residential areas this year

1. International City

Annual rent from AED32,500 to AED42,500.

2. Deira

Annual rent from AED35,000 to AED65,000

3. Jumeirah Village

Annual rent from AED40,000 to AED57,500

4. Dubai Sports City

Annual rent from AED40,000 to AED60,000

5. Discovery Gardens

Annual rent from AED45,000 to AED55,000

Prices are based on one bedroom rates. See full report here

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