Dubai Customs recycles Dh3.2 million worth of counterfeit products


Dubai Customs has recycled 149,000 counterfeit goods worth Dh3.2 million since the start of the year.

The pieces came from 46 international brands and it marks a more environmentally-friendly approach to disposing of seized goods.

Dubai Customs’ Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) department announced the figure on Monday following talks with US and French officials to tackle the scourge of counterfeit goods.

“The IPR department is very serious about the rights of international brands and how to protect them from counterfeiting,” said Yousef Ozair Mubarak, IPR director.

“Instead of destroying counterfeit goods, we offer them the option of recycling them as this is more environmentally friendly.”

It comes as authorities step up efforts to protect the rights of brands. Mr Mubarak said agreement was reached with the French and US teams to limit the impact of counterfeit goods.

“The damage caused by counterfeit goods to the economy, environment and even perhaps our overall quality of life should be something of a given to most people.

“Perhaps intellectual property rights-holders are the most likely to feel the true pinch of this rogue industry but when one considers the big picture it becomes clear that everyone is liable to be affected by counterfeiting and piracy.”

Earlier this year Dubai Police arrested two men in possession of counterfeit watches worth up to Dh1.2 billion

According to Dubai Economic Department, the value of fake goods recovered in 2018 stood at Dh332m, representing a significant drop from Dh1.6bn in 2016.

Updated: September 14, 2020 04:40 PM

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