Chilling details of Dubai villa murder of Indian couple revealed – News


Details come to fore in villa double murder reported in June of this year.

The Dubai public prosecution has referred a worker to court on multiple charges, including the premeditated murder of an Indian couple.

The 24-year-old worker, a Pakistani, will stand trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance accused of stabbing a 48-year-old man and his 40-year-old wife to death and then trying to kill their 18-year-old daughter. He is believed to have planned the villa robbery after doing some maintenance work at the property in the Arabian Ranches.

Apart from the premeditated murder charge, the defendant will also face charges of attempted murder, forcible robbery and trespass.

The case dates back to June 17 when the accused broke into the house at night for robbery of cash and valuables. He had climbed the villa gate and kept lurking around for some time before he made his way inside after making sure everyone went to sleep. He picked up a wallet and found around Dh2,000 in it. 

He then sneaked into the couple’s room upstairs and stabbed them indiscriminately in their beds after they woke up to his movements in their bedroom.

He repeatedly stabbed the couple and then stabbed their daughter and fled the scene.  
The daughter, who woke up to the frantic screams of her parents, had rushed into their room and was also attacked by the intruder. She sustained a minor injury but witnessed the gruesome incident. The teenager called the police.

Her younger sister was also at the property at the time of the incident. 

After fleeing the scene, the defendant disposed of the knife in the same area. With fingerprints he left on the crime tool, the police could trace and apprehend him in Sharjah. 

During the police interrogations, the accused admitted to having bought a knife on that day. He had planned to break into the villa after spotting large amounts of cash in the house.

Marie Nammour

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